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Research and development

Innovative the world over

Our experts around the globe set new standards for the advancement of technologies applied in grinding and cutting. Benefiting from highly-skilled experts among their ranks and leading-edge equipment in our labs and test benches, our R&D department works in close cooperation with the users of our products, laying the foundation for high performance tools that are superior in terms of quality and reliability.


Bildmotiv Innovation
Highly trained engineers, college graduates and application experts form the core of Klingspor's Research and Development team. They ensure the continuous enhancement of our products.
Bildmotiv Innovation
Bildmotiv Innovation
State-of-the-art machinery, laboratories and test benches are the linchpin for the unrivalled quality and guaranteed safety of our products.
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Successful product launches and innovations

Wasserfestes Schleifpapier
Waterproof abrasive paper
Hochtourige Trennscheiben
High-speed cutting-off wheels
Grinding discs
Abrasive mop wheels
Abrasive mop discs


ProductionWhere man and technology complement each other perfectly


Our production facilities set themselves apart with their highly advanced machinery and their exceptionally well-trained personnel. We can guarantee the exquisite quality of our tools because we closely control every single step of production: from the procurement of the raw materials to manufacturing to delivery to the customer.

Example: Production of our latest-generation diamond tools

All powders are turned to granulates using latest technologies and machinery. The production processes necessary are performed in special air-conditioned rooms.
Adhering to the closest tolerances, the granulates are then moulded into green bodies using a high-precision cold moulding press.
Independent and specially trained quality assurance staff constantly monitor the quality of our products throughout the manufacturing process. Aside from the dimensions and weights as well as the hardness and density of the segments, we also subject the finished diamond tools to a comprehensive inspection.
Afterwards, all segments are joined to the carrier by means of a highly accurate laser welding process. The application of these ultramodern technologies is quintessential to our tools' operational reliability.


Trade associations and certificationsQuality and reliability are key We put quality and reliable operation front and centre during the development and the production of our products. Our day-to-day operations attach the utmost importance to a production process that is as gentle to the environment as possible and delivers outstanding product performance as well as maximum user protection.

oSa Logo

oSa® – the Centre of Excellence for the safety of abrasives

Klingspor is a founding member of the oSa®. The Organization for the Safety of Abrasives s a voluntary association of abrasive manufacturers. All members commit to adhering to all European safety standards applicable to abrasive tools and to promote and enforce stricter production and testing regulations. As an expression of their voluntary commitment, the oSa® awards a quality seal that is protected world-wide. To the user and the dealer, this translates to increased safety during use and a lower liability risk, respectively.

The 7 criteria that guarantee oSa® safety

  • Voluntary commitment of the manufacturer
  • Testing facilities and expertise under the manufacturer's roof
  • Certified quality management including documented processes
  • Independent product tests
  • Independent safety audits performed by external auditors
  • Regular production monitoring and control
  • Safety as products can be traced back all the way to the manufacturer


Klingspor is an active member of the following trade associations:

  • German Institute for StandardisationLogo: Deutsches Institut für Normung e.V.
  • DGQ: Germany Society for QualityLogo: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Qualität
  • FGS: Grinding technology research foundation
  • FEPA: Federation of the European Producers of AbrasivesLogo: Federation of the European Producers of Abrasives
  • oSa: Organization for the Safety of AbrasivesLogo: Organization for the Safety of Abrasives
  • VDS - Federation of European Producers of AbrasivesLogo: Verband Deutscher Schleifmittelwerke e.V.


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