Four new specialists at Klingspor!

The four new abrasive mop discs in the Klingspor product range all have one thing in common - they all feature the new CEVOLUTION technology. Klingspor products with CEVOLUTION technology are more powerful than comparable other ceramic abrasives. Depending on the product and application, they offer the user more aggressiveness, a longer service life or even both.

Abrasives with ceramic abrasive grain have long been known for their aggressiveness and service life.

Klingspor has now thought ahead and developed high-performance ceramic abrasives with the new CEVOLUTION technology. In addition to ceramic grit, they also contain the expertise of almost 130 years of sanding experience.

For the user this means

  • Maximum power
  • Perfect results
  • Best possible efficiency

In practice, there are applications where the necessary contact pressure or the actually required sanding speed cannot be guaranteed. This can lead to the advantages of the ceramic grain not being utilised, as the pressure is not high enough to break the structure of the grain; clogging of the abrasive and an unsatisfactory sanding result would be the result.

Klingspor products with the new CEVOLUTION technology are therefore optimised from start to finish: Depending on the area of application, the individual components that make up the abrasive are modified and fine-tuned until the best performance is finally extracted from the ceramic grain after numerous tests and trials.

Expert tip: A relatively high contact pressure is required for the self-sharpening effect to occur. Only then will the grain break out and new sharp points emerge. This is why Klingspor recommends using abrasive mop discs with ceramic grain only on powerful angle grinders: 1,100 watts or more are ideal. If the angle grinder is too weak, the grain may become blunt and the self-sharpening effect will not materialise.

SMT 974 - the solid one

for steel and stainless steel

  • Particularly long service life
  • Optimised for steel materials
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The solid one

SMT 975 - the durable one

for steel and stainless steel

  • Trimmable disc for additional service life
  • Long service life and extreme aggressiveness
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The durable one

SMT 976 - the cool one

for stainless steel, non-ferrous metals and aluminium

  • Optimised for use on stainless steel
  • Multibinding reduces grinding temperature

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The cool one