Titanium is a chemical element. By virtue of its low density compared to most metals, it is referred to as one of the light metals. It is silver-white in colour. Since titanium rarely occurs in its pure state naturally, it is primarily obtained from titanium ore. The production process is laborious and the material is therefore several times more expensive than stainless steel, for example.
As an alloy with other elements, titanium can achieve special properties such as a low weight with high stability and high resistance to corrosion. Titanium is therefore used for the most challenging of tasks.

When grinding titanium, the user needs to process the material at a low cutting speed on account of the specific material properties of titanium. To achieve perfect stock removal results, we recommend a cutting speed of 12 - 15 m/s and the use of a hard contact wheel.
Klingspor's assortment offers the user a selection of various abrasives with ceramic grain that are an excellent choice for processing titanium.

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