KLINGSPOR abrasive paper belt PS 28 F

12 August 2013

The new quality abrasive belt for grinding the surface of solid wood and wood materials

With its new product, PS 28 F, the German abrasives manufacturer, KLINGSPOR, has extended its product range by a new multipurpose abrasive belt for woodworking in grit sizes ranging from P 40 to P 220.Typical fields of application are the processing of solid wood (especially softwood), grinding of boards made from wood-based material (e.g. wood-core plywood, veneer and plywood boards) as well as the calibration and fine sanding of wood surfaces.
PS 28 F, a high-quality, multipurpose abrasive belt with a very good price/performance ratio for all woodworking fields was developed specifically for the needs of small and medium-sized woodworking enterprises.  In this case the spectrum of users ranges from industry (parquet manufacturers, the furniture industry, laminated wood panel manufacturers and window fitters) to the trades (carpenters, cabinetmakers and joiners).

The especially strong feature of the PS 28 F is surface grinding of such softwoods as, for example pinewood. The high quality, openly scattered corundum grain and the antistatic equipment prevent abrasive dust from clogging the belt prematurely.  The new KLINGSPOR belt with a long service life and a consistently high removal rate and a constantly even surface finish. Full artificial resin bonds guarantee excellent grit adhesion even under a high workload. A robust, resilient F-paper base ensures that the belt runs smoothly and provides a high degree of tear resistance.

PS 28 F is available as a wide belt, long belt and short belt and can be used in any of the commercial wide-belt, long-belt and edge sanders.  Customised production permits widths up to 1350 mm, thus ensuring that all the established machine types on the market can be operated.

The grain sizes on offer range from P 40 to P 220. Special attention was given to a complete sequence of grain sizes. With grain sizes with the values: P 40, P 50, P 60, P 80, P 100, P 120, P 150, P 180 and P 220 the PS 28 F it covers all the necessary sizes even for demanding users and therefore facilitates continuous work from calibration sanding through to fine grinding with a product.

Ibraim Lapa, head of Business Development at the KLINGSPOR company headquarters in Haiger in Hesse, Germany: “Our customers have frequently expressed the wish for a high performance, multipurpose and yet attractively-priced grinding belt for woodworking. With our new product, the PS 28 F, we are now complying with those customer wishes. When developing the PS 28 F we gave special consideration to the needs of small and medium-sized cabinet-makers’ workshops and furniture manufacturers. Grinding wood is a matter of fact for those operations, but as a rule one has to do with a broad spectrum of constantly changing wood types: pine today, oak tomorrow, in the morning of the day after tomorrow maybe larch.                                                                       When we were developing the PS 28 F we attached great importance to doing justice to the great diversity of the materials to be processed. High quality corundum grain provides outstanding grinding results on wood materials of extremely different degrees of hardness; the open scattering ensures a consistently good stock removal rate, and by using a specific antistatic paper backing in a tear-resistant F quality we were able to further prolong the service life of the product. I am particularly proud of the fact that, in spite of the numerous advantages of the product, we have succeeded in keeping the price of the PS 28 F down for our customers. Among the reputable brand manufacturers of grinding belts for woodworking, at present our product is definitely one of the most attractive on the market with regard to the ratio between price and performance."

KLINGSPOR is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of abrasives. With over 500 employees at the German headquarters at the Haiger location alone, and a total workforce in excess of 2,700, the family company which has a very long tradition is one of the most reputable and best-known brands both for coated abrasives and abrasives with backing. The products with the characteristic yellow logo are appreciated by users all over the world for their performance and reliability.