SMD 612 Mounting plate

SMD 612: Mounting plate

Made of metal, the SMD 612 is a mounting plate that has been crafted with superior workmanship. It has been designed to allow for the secure mounting of an

  • abrasive mop on all types of sanders.

The SMD 612 is an indispensable accessory when it comes to ensuring smooth running of the applied tool. It enhances the quality of the work result by ensuring that the abrasive mop will rotate true.

How the mounting plate works

The mounting plate is fitted on the shaft between abrasive mop and locking screw. It engages in the designated groove on the metal cover found on the side of the mop. When mounted in this position, the plate distributes the contact pressure of the screw, ensures secure mounting and allows the mop to run true. Klingspor offers the SMD 612 in various diameters and with different types of holes. This extensive selection makes it the ideal complement to all Klingspor abrasive mops. The right size of the mounting plate varies with the abrasive mop used, while the size of the bore must be matched to the selected machine.

Quality you can depend on

Just as all other Klingspor products, this mounting plate complies with all national and international safety regulations, thus affording the user the highest possible quality during tough day-to-day and continuous use or under extreme conditions in trade and industry as well as in demanding home user applications.