PL 31 B Retail packs Finishing paper for Paint, Varnish, Filling compound, Wood

Bonding agent Glue
Grain Aluminium oxide
Coating Semi-open
Backing B-paper
Filling compound
Paint shops
Wood processing industry

PL 31 B – abrasive sheet for varnish

The product PL 31 B is a finishing paper crafted for first-rate results in professional surface treatment applications. The abrasive sheet has been specially designed for materials such as

  • varnish,
  • paint,
  • wood,
  • filler, and
  • metal.

The abrasive sheet offers an array of features in one product. The user benefits from an abrasive performance that has been optimised for off-hand sanding. The product is guaranteed to produce a particularly fine scratch pattern every time. This unique ability is greatly appreciated by professional users and keen do-it-yourselfers alike. This abrasive sheet also offers an outstanding price-performance ratio. Klingspor supplies the PL 31 B packaged in Retail packs.

Matching abrasive sheets for any type of use

The abrasive PL 31 B is available in a large selection of grit sizes and dimensions. The grit sizes range from coarse to fine, allowing the user to precisely control the removal rate. The possible applications for this product include surface processing and the sanding of heavily profiled components. Its exhaustive applicability means that the craftsman will be able to complete any task with utmost speed and efficiency.

The abrasive sheet with superior properties

Klingspor always applies the finest production technology and uses only the best materials for all of their abrasives - and the PL 31 B is no exception. This also includes the corundum grain, which delivers outstanding results thanks to its toughness and stock removal properties. The precise coordination with the adhesive bond will convince even the most demanding user. Bond and grain wear down evenly. The product is an abrasive with a semi-open coating that achieves effective stock removal. The backing used is a flexible B-paper.