PS 33 C Sheets with paper backing for Paint, Varnish, Filling compound, Wood

Bonding agent Resin
Grain Aluminium oxide
Coating Semi-open
Backing C-paper
Filling compound
Aircraft construction
Automotive industry
Craftsman companies
Wind energy industry
Wood processing industry

Klingspor PS 33 C – robust abrasive rolls with a long service life

The requirements imposed on abrasive papers have not changed: they need to combine a long service life with a sturdy construction including tear-resistant backing, e.g. a paper backing (C-paper). The abrasive rolls PS 33 C by Klingspor match these requirements to a T. Whether used for hand sanding or on handheld machines, the abrasive rolls PS 33 C are the perfect tool for the job when it comes to processing smooth surfaces. This product boasts the following characteristics:

  • bonding made of synthetic resin,
  • aluminium oxide grain,
  • semi-open coating,
  • backing composed of C-paper.

Abrasive rolls PS 33 C for all materials

The abrasive rolls PS 33 C are suitable for use on nearly all kinds of materials including varnish , wood and paint as well as filler and plastic. They offer a long service life even under strenuous use thanks to their tear-resistant paper backing (C-paper) and stearate coating. The aluminium oxide grain is an all-round abrasive for materials with medium to high hardness and medium toughness. Its semi-open coating prevents clogging by dust, debris and chips. Aside from the stearate coating, this is another factor that contributes to the long service life of these abrasive rolls.

Work at high removal rates

The abrasive rolls PS 33 C are available with grits ranging from very coarse to medium coarse. These grit sizes allow for aggressive sanding at high removal rates. Macro-sized aluminium oxide grains plus the stearate coating add up to a long service life.

Abrasive rolls PS 33 C – perfectly blended for all recommended materials

The bonding of the abrasive grains with synthetic resin is matched perfectly with the sanding application on the materials to be processed. The painstaking composition of this synthetic resin bond is a guarantee for exceptional abrasive performance over a long period time.
The abrasive rolls PS 33 C are available in the standard size of 280 x 250 mm. Other sizes or specifications are available on request, subject to certain minimum order quantities.