QRC 555 Backing pads

QRC 555 – backing pad for an easier tool change

The backing pad for Quick Change Discs by Klingspor provides for a quick change of the abrasive discs. The name QRC is short for Quick Roll Connect, hinting at the ability to fasten the backing pad effortlessly by locking it in place with half a turn. This is made possible by the plastic locking (quick roll connect) integrated into the QRC system. This locking system allows for a quick change of Quick Change Disc in a few simple steps. The abrasive tool is securely fixed in place on the backing pad with a simple 180 degree rotation of the plastic threaded sleeve in clockwise direction. The system ensures a high level of safety. The backing pad is available in two hardnesses. The harder version supports a higher removal rate. Their greater flexibility makes the softer backing pads the perfect choice for fine sanding and work on profiled surfaces. The benefits of this system are

  • shorter set-up times thanks to a quick tool change,
  • effortless handling,
  • more effective abrasive performance,
  • a wide range of applications,
  • work with perfect ease and comfort,
  • exceptionally smooth operation,
  • work without tiring and
  • uniform sanding results.

When coupled with the separately available adapter QCA 555, the backing pad for Quick Change Discs with a shaft diameter of six millimetres can also be used on standard angle grinders.

Backing pad for Quick Change Discs in a wide variety of versions

Users can choose between the two hardnesses medium and firm and from a large selection of different dimensions. This comprehensive selection makes this tool ideal for a great many applications. When combined with the backing pad QRC 555, the Quick Change Discs are the optimum choice for treating surfaces made of NF metal, stainless steel and high-alloy steel. What is more, the Quick Changes Discs are also perfect for sanding varnish, filler and paint. Depending on its size, the handy backing pad can be operated with a speed of 20,000 or 30,000 in rpm.