CS 311 Y ACT Wide belts with cloth backing for Wood

Bonding agent Resin
Grain Aluminium oxide
Coating Open
Backing Y-polyester
Window and door construction
Wood processing industry

The Klingspor wide belt CS 311 Y ACT – ideal for sanding soft wood

The wide belt CS 311 Y ACT by Klingspor truly shines when used for sanding various kinds of wood, which have a tendency to clog up the abrasive. It is characterised by its:

  • Open coat
  • Superior tear resistance
  • High removal rate
  • Long service life

It also features antistatic properties that keeps dust from adhering to the belt. This range of properties allows for swift work without interruption - a crucial necessity given the fact that electrically charged dust will frequently elude even the most efficient extraction systems. The Klingspor wide belt CS 311 Y ACT for processing wood is available with grit sizes ranging from extra course to very fine.

The backing – tear-resistant polyester

Klingspor uses tear-resistant polyester for the backing of their wide belt CS 311 Y ACT. Substantially more robust than paper, this backing holds up exceptionally well - even when subjected to such challenging applications as removal grinding with a coarse grit. Since designed specifically for contact rollers, the CS 311 Y ACT comes with a backing that features an F4G joint. To create the belt joint, the belt is cut at an angle to the running direction and fitted with a tape on the reverse side.

Minimal clogging thanks to the open coating of the abrasive grain

The open coating of the abrasive grain allows the wide belt CS 311 Y ACT to combine exceptional stock removal with an outstanding service life. The spaces between the individual grains provide for a swift discharge of dust and debries, keeping the abrasive belt from clogging when used for soft wood. Dust has a tendency to easily stick to the wood, the abrasive belt and the machine as it becomes charged by the friction generated during sanding. To prevent this from happening, the CS 311 Y ACT has been equipped with an antistatic coating. This coating allows the electric charge to dissipate via the abrasive belt and the machine.

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