PS 22 F ACT Wide belts with paper backing for Wood

Bonding agent Resin
Grain Aluminium oxide
Coating Close
Backing F-paper
NF metals
Filling compound
Craftsman companies
Wood processing industry

For a perfect finish on hardwood – the Klingspor wide belt PS 22 F ACT

The abrasive belt PS 22 F ACT by Klingspor is used for all types of sanding on hardwood. Made with a multitude of grit sizes, this abrasive belt is equally well suited for:

  • calibration sanding
  • intermediate sanding
  • finish sanding

This wide belt stands out with its minimal clogging, which it owes to its ACT coating. Its unique properties allow this product to process even large quantities with superior ease and effectiveness.

The PS 22 F ACT – aluminium oxide applied to a stable F-paper backing

The wide belt PS 22 F ACT comes with a backing made of stable and relatively heavy F-weight paper. The abrasive grain Klingspor used for this product is aluminium oxide. This block grain with its even wear structure is hard and tough, providing for an exquisite result when used for sanding hardwood. Since its aluminium oxide has been applied with a close coating, the spaces between the abrasive grains are minimal. Just as in all other abrasives sold under the Klingspor brand, the top size coat consists of synthetically made resin. It is marked by exceptionally strong adhesive force and extra sturdiness. The synthetic resin keeps the abrasive grains perfectly in place within the bonding.

Minimal clogging thanks to ACT coating

A secure joint of the belt is ensured by the standard overlap with the F1 joint. To reduce the effect of the electrically charged dust, which is generated automatically during the sanding process, will adhere to the workpiece, the wide belt or the sander, the PS 22 F ACT is equipped with an antistatic coating. This coating is created by adding electrically conductive ingredients to the abrasive, which allow the electric charge to dissipate via the earthing of the machine. An ACT coating makes it easier to process hardwood and other non-conductive materials, while extending the service life of the abrasive at the same time - thanks to its ability to reduce dust and debries sticking to the abrasive.