PS 27 DW Wide belts with paper backing for Paint, Varnish, Filling compound, Aluminium

Bonding agent Resin
Grain SiC
Coating Open
Backing D-paper
Filling compound
Paint shops

PS 27 DW abrasive belts with paper backing for paint, varnish, UV lacquer, filler and aluminium

The sanding of varnish and, in particular, the so-called intermediate varnish sanding always involve markedly different conditions, especially if the work is performed on UV lacquers. For starters, varnish is extremely hard, yet also very thin. Since intermediate varnish sanding is a process commonly integrated into a paint line, the workpiece may still have a temperature of up to 80⁰ deg; centigrade, stemming from an upstream step of the process. The wide belt PS 27 DW is a perfect match for these extreme conditions thanks to its open stearate coating. The following properties make the PS 27 DW the tool of choice for these applications:

  • Sharp high-performance silicon carbide abrasive material
  • Bonded to the backing with fully synthetic resin
  • Heat and tear-resistant D-weight paper backing
  • Since antistatic, the abrasive belt is protected against premature clogging by debris
  • The open coating supports cooling and prevents premature clogging
  • The extra stearate coating of the size coat applied to the wide belt PS 27 DW prevents further clogging

The wide belt PS 27 DW is a special product designed specifically for high-quality painted surfaces, UV lacquer, paint, varnish and filler as well as for work on aluminium. The active agent coating with stearate also prevents clogging and smearing on aluminium surfaces.

Fields of application for the wide belt PS 27 DW

The wide belt PS 27 DW has been designed for stationary machinery incorporated in a paint line. The bonding is made of fully synthetic resin, while the grain is silicon carbide. The grit size can be selected between medium-coarse and fine. Made of tear-resistant paper, the weight of the backing is approx. 130 grammes per square metre - not including the grit and the synthetic resin bonding. The solid structure of this abrasive belt guarantees a long service life, extending the intervals between necessary tool changes.

Types of belt joints for wide belts

Klingspor's wide belt PS 27 DW is available in joint shapes F1 (cut with a defined angle at the butt joint and joined with an overlap), F2 (same as F1, but with grain points ground down at the butt joint), F3 G (fabric-reinforced film as a support, belt cut with a zigzag pattern) and F4 G (cut with a defined angle at the butt joint, abrasive belt supported with a fabric-reinforced film bonded underneath). The form recommended for completely impact-free work is F3 G, while the shape F4 G works best when used for slack belt grinding.