SFM 656 Flexible abrasives for Stainless steel

Bonding agent Plastic
Grain SiC
Stainless steel
Apparatus and container manufacturing

Sandflex mottling point SFM 656 for stainless steel

Klingspor's Sandflex mottling point SFM 656 is an elastic abrasive designed specifically for processing metals, e. g. stainless steel. The defining characteristic of this abrasive is the glossy finish. Its elastic structure contributes to a gentle sanding process. The abrasive remains fully functional until it wears out completely and comes in two versions:

  • with a milled plain shaft
  • with a round shaft

The version with the milled plain shaft can clamped securely and with exceptional ease. This version is the standard model and available from stock. The other version features a continuous round shaft. This version is a made-to-order item designed for special applications.

Loads of benefits for surface treatment

The abrasive SFM 656 is the perfect match for an expansive range of applications. Suitable for both finishing and cleaning, it can also be used for the final processing of a variety of materials. Applications include use in the aviation industry or the manufacture of surgical instruments. Klingspor relies on different bonding hardnesses and grit sizes for adjusting the aggressiveness of the product to the desired application. The bonding agent used for this product is a synthetic material, while its grain is composed of silicon carbide. The result is an elastic abrasive for circle finishing of sheet material in lifting beams with mottling points, i.e. machines on which the mottling points are clamped into a beam, which is easy to use and delivers exceptional circular surface pattern.

An exceedingly fine surface finish

The product presented here is an exceptional choice for creating a finish that is particularly fine. The processed surfaces show a finish that is much finer than what be achieved with conventional abrasives. remove This unsurpassed finish is made possible by the use of an elastically supported and yielding abrasive grain. This grain allows for low roughness values, keeping geometrical changes on the workpiece at a minimum. These characteristics let this product satisfy the highest requirements imposed on a modern abrasive capable of producing a glossy finish.

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