MFW 600 High performance non-woven web wheels for Steel, Stainless steel, NF metals

for grooves + corners
Bonding agent Resin
Grain SiC
Stainless steel
NF metals
Apparatus and container manufacturing
Railing construction
Stainless steel processing industry

MFW 600 - high-performance non-woven web wheels for steel, stainless steel and NF metals

The high performance non-woven web wheel MFW 600 has been optimised for work on

  • steel,
  • stainless steel, and
  • NF metal.

Consistent performance at proven safety

It is the specialist for the finishing of weld seams on stainless steel. Available in four different grit sizes, the wheel covers the entire range of applications from refining the surface to finishing. The silicon carbide abrasive grain is bonded to the polyamide non-woven fibre web with synthetic resin.

Applications of the MFW 600

This high performance non-woven web wheel is intended for use in combination with a fillet weld grinder. The product produces the best work results when used in the medium speed range, i. e. at 5,000 - 7,500 revolutions/min. Especially when used for processing stainless steel, e. g. in tank or container construction, this tool excels at both finish grinding and removing minor imperfections on the surface. It is also a popular option for creating a matt or satin finish.

Very good grinding results

The actual grinding work is always handled by the abrasive grain. Picking the grain best suited for the job is therefore of key importance. When selecting their grain, users must find the right balance between hardness and toughness. Since Klingspor uses only synthetically made abrasive grain, customers can expect consistent quality. The abrasive grain Klingspor chose for the high performance non-woven web wheel MFW 600 is silicon carbide (SiC). While exceedingly hard, silicon carbide is also characterised by moderate toughness. Silicon carbide crystals are sharp-edged and brittle.
The open structure of the abrasive disc keeps the discs from becoming clogged with dust. Its superior flexibility allows the disc to perfectly contour to the surface profile of the workpiece to be processed. The result is exceptional abrasive performance with an excellent surface finish.