NPA 400 Strips/Sheets for Stainless steel, Metals, Wood

Bonding agent Resin
Grain Aluminium oxide
Stainless steel

A perfect shine thanks to the NPA 400 non-woven web hand pads

The NPA 400 non-woven web hand pads by Klingspor are the perfect tool for creating a fine finish on all sorts of materials. These materials include

  • wood,
  • stainless steel, and
  • metal.

Surface finishing made easy

Whether you work on wood, stainless steel or other metals – high alloy materials must be treated with great care. Any application that calls for hand sanding is recommended to be carried out with abrasive sheets. Hand sanding allows for greater precision compared to sanding with machines. The NPA 400 non-woven web hand pads are an incredibly effective tool for refining surfaces. If, for example, the surface to be processed needs to be matched to an existing finish, you could not opt for a better tool than these non-woven web hand pads.

Long service life thanks to aluminium oxide grain

The grain used for these non-woven web hand pads is aluminium oxide. The minimal wear of the abrasive grain guarantees a long service life. The aluminium oxide is fixed in place with synthetic resin. The premium abrasive grain produces a refined surface if used for the right sanding process - no matter if you adapt a scratch pattern or use the abrasive for finishing.

Many applications at different degrees of fineness

The nonwoven NPA 400 is available in four different grades of fineness. They are ideally suited for blending and finishing. The removal of rust or other oxidized areas on metal surfaces is done quickly and efficiently with the nylon web hand pads. The flexible non-woven web hand pads contour perfectly to the workpiece and stand out with superior conformability. In addition, the non-woven web hand pads can be cut to size with ease so that they are always handy whenever you need to work on difficult to reach places. The NPA 400 abrasive is available in the grit sizes coarse, medium, fine and very fine. The fine grit sizes are best suited for vary fine finishing. The coarser grits are recommended, for instance, for keying surfaces for painting or cleaning material. The NPA 400 non-woven web hand pads by Klingspor are marked by a wide range of possible applications. Professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike appreciate the quality of these non-woven web hand pads.