QCA 555 Adapter for quick change disc backing pad

Quick Change Discs on M 14: Adapter QCA 555 by Klingspor

The adapter QCA 555 makes it possible to use Quick Change Discs on an angle grinder. Klingspor's product selection includes the two most commonly used Quick Change systems and has engineered the adapter QCA 555 to match both of them:

  • Quick Metal Connect (backing pad QMC 555 with metal locking) and
  • Quick Roll Connect (backing pad QRC 555 with plastic locking).

The Quick Change system allows the user to quickly mount abrasive discs onto smaller sanders. If only one angle grinder is available, the backing pad of the Quick Change Disc can easily be combined with the adapter QCA 555. It creates a stable and dependable connection between the shaft of the sanding pad and the M 14 thread of the angle grinder.

Converting angle grinders in a snap: Thread M 14 on Quick Change Discs

Converting an angle grinder to the Quick Change system is an absolute breeze: Just screw in the adapter and you are all set. The compact adapter measures a mere 20 x 30 mm and is made of premium, non-rusting stainless steel. Its knurled surface lets the user screw in the adapter by hand without slipping. The adapter QCA 555 furthermore features two notches and is tightened using a flat spanner. All Quick Change backing pads with a shaft diameter of 6 mm can be mounted on any angle grinder that comes with an M 14 thread.

Quick changes with a system: Quick Change Discs

Users working with the Quick Change Disc system only need to replace the worn abrasive discs and can reuse the backing pad - keeping their cost down. Allowing for a tool change within seconds, the system also saves a significant amount of time. This comes in particularly handy when the job requires the worker to change the abrasive disc frequently. Mounting and changing the abrasive discs is quick and easy - a simple 180 degree turn will lock them securely in place. The backing pads are available in different grades of hardness. The hard versions deliver a high removal rate. The soft version produce a fine scratch pattern and keep intricate surface profiles intact thanks to its flexibility.

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