QRC 409 Quick Change Discs for Stainless steel, Metals

Bonding agent Resin
Grain Zirconia alumina
Coating Close
Stainless steel

QRC 409 – Quick Change Discs with plastic locking for safe sanding

Quick Change Discs are convenient abrasive discs for small and high-speed grinders. The abrasive discs are fitted with a plastic locking on their reverse side. Thanks to this locking, it takes only a single step to securely attach the discs to a matching QRC backing pad. The basis of the discs is formed by a polyester fabric that is coated with a closely coated zirconia grain. The multibond allows for a high removal rate during the processing of surfaces made of stainless steel. Their cool grinding performance is a major contributor to both the exceptional results these abrasive discs produce on stainless steel and to their low tendency to clog during use on aluminium. The Quick Change Discs quick roll connect are the right choice for work on

  • metal,
  • stainless steel,
  • NF metal, and
  • high-alloy steel.

The Quick Change Discs quick roll connect come in a wide selection of grit sizes. Comprised of various hardnesses, the backing pad selection lets users find the disc-backing pad combo that is perfect for their application. Hard backing pads enable efficient removal of the surfaces, while soft models are ideal for fine grinding and for the treatment of structured surfaces.

Quick connection and safe use of the Quick Change Discs

One of the many advantages offered by the Quick Change Discs quick roll connect is the rapid change of the abrasive discs. All it takes to attach the abrasive disc is to place it on the pad with the locking facing down and lock it into place with a 180 degree turn in clockwise direction. Making the connection requires no effort whatsoever. Their effortless fastening contributes to short set-up times and provides for more effective abrasive performance. The system is also distinguished by its exceptionally smooth operation. Such smooth operation is a guarantee for uniform finishes. Another advantage is that the smooth operation of the tool allows for work over long periods without fatiguing. When paired with the adapter QCA 555, the Quick Change Discs quick roll connect can also be used on any standard angle grinder.

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